lundi 13 janvier 2014

My words are FOCUS and FINISH...Mes mots sont FOCUS et FINITION...

Il y a deux choses qui seront mes priorités dans mon hobby cette année:  me concentrer sur les projets dont j'ai parlés et finir ce que je commence.  FOCUS et FINITION. 

I have two words this year:  FOCUS and FINISH.
That's what I need for 2014.

Il y a tant de belles choses à faire.  J'ai fais mes choix pour cette année et en coudre quelques-unes et les finir seront aussi une satisfaction.

So much beautiful projects. I made my choices and if I could see them finished before I begin something else will satisfy me for 2014.

J'ai imprimé ces images pour un rappel tout au long de l'année.

I printed these pictures and pinned them on my design wall.

Maintenant, à l'action!  Bonne année à moi-même!

Now, go!

À la prochaine!

3 commentaires:

  1. Une sage résolution!
    Mais il y as tellement de tentation,comment y résister?
    Douce journée
    Marie Christine

  2. I love your words have you heard of the One LIttle Word workshop with Ali Edwards? Check it out it's all about working with a word for the year and there's facebook group and it's really great! So glad to find your blog from "Grow your blog" and your quilts are lovely!

  3. Beautiful quilts. My young teenaged daughter is learning to quilt from my adult daughter. Our location is know for its quilters. It is both a hobby and livlihood for many women here. Thanks for sharing. Found you through the Grow Your Blog party.


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