dimanche 18 février 2018

WIP again...Secret Garden quilt part 5, progrès

Last week, I cut all the triangles for those little blocks.  This week, I will put everything together, one step at a time.  

La semaine dernière, j'ai coupé tous les triangles pour ces petits blocs. Cette semaine, je vais tout mettre en place, une étape à la fois.

First, I sew a little 3 1/2 in. strip with 2 triangles.
J'ai d'abord cousu 2 triangles avec une bande de 3 1/2''

After that, I sew with a 7'' strip  and press well.
Je relie ces triangles à une bande de 7'' et presse bien le tout.

The other side of the 7'' strip, I sew another set of triangles.  Always chain piecing.  It's fast.
Puis j'ajoute une autre série de triangles de l'autre côté de la bande de 7''.

Well pressed....
On presse bien en place...

And I trim to a 4 1/2'' block.  Will finish at 4''.
Je recoupe à la bonne mesure nécessaire, soit 4 1/2'' non fini.

I prepare 4 ''leaves'' to make a test if everything is OK.  I think so.  I will have to shape 160 leaves.  Not done yet.
J'ai préparé 4 ''feuilles'' pour vérifier si tout est bien préparé.  J'aurai 160 de ces feuilles à former.

Now, it's time to prepare the leaves.
Le reste de la semaine, je vais former toutes les feuilles de cette étape.

À la prochaine!

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  1. You have been quite busy, I love the colors for this quilt.

  2. I see, the 'lattice' is pieced and the leaves are applique. I thought the lattice would be made like the open weave baskets in a Baltimore Album quilt - out of bias strips woven and then appliqued down. This will look fantastic; I like the leaves.

  3. Thank you for the mini tutorial! Your blocks are so pretty and well done! Your quilt will be lovely!

  4. What a lot of work, but the end result is lovely. That's a lot of flowers to make. Enjoy.

  5. So much work! It's looks great! I love the pop of the leaves against the blocks! Thank you so much for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!

  6. Great wee tutorial so easy to follow, I made lots of these for a BOM last year and they were so enjoyable to make yours are going to be so lovely looking forward to next week? Are you house bound by snow its been a cold winter hasn't it? Love your header photo I say this every second time I think???? LOL Cheers Glenda

  7. PS Just realised you are making these for SG Celine LOL same BOM I was making them for LOL

  8. I love the leaves!! That's going to be very pretty.

  9. I love these little blocks! Are they for a border?

  10. This one is definitely a slow and steady kind of quilt, especially with 160 leaves. But from your pictures, it's going to be beautiful!


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