dimanche 5 février 2017

Baltimore Garden quilt blocks are done...Tous les blocs sont terminés...

There you go! All blocks are now sewn. There are only a few flowers to apply on the 4 outer borders.  Most of the flowers are already sewn.  
What an adventure! 21 months to have fun with this quilt, almost full time. Two other projects were created during this period. A quilt has already been given to its owner and the other is ready for machine quilting.
Meanwhile, I took a course for handquilting. I wanted to make this Baltimore Garden completely by hand. If I loved doing the appliqués, handquilting such a large quilt intimidates me a little and I do not want to take another 4 to 5 years to finish it. So, lately, I made the decision that it will be machine quilted. I love working with the sewing machine. So let's stay in the fun.

Et voilà!  Tous les blocs sont maintenant cousus.  Il ne reste que quelques fleurs à appliquer sur les 4 bordures extérieures. La majorité des fleurs sont déjà appliquées sur celles-ci.
Quelle aventure!  21 mois à m'amuser avec cette courtepointe, quasiment temps plein.  2 autres projets ont vu le jour durant cette période.  Une courtepointe a déjà été remise à son propriétaire et l'autre est prête pour le piquage à la machine.
Entretemps, j'ai pris un cours pour le piquage à la main.  Je désirais faire la Baltimore Garden complètement à la main.  Si j'ai adoré faire les appliqués, piquer à la main une si grande pièce m'intimide un peu et je ne veux pas prendre encore 4 à 5 années pour la terminer.  Alors, dernièrement, j'ai pris la décision que ce sera piqué à la machine.  Je suis une fille à machine à coudre.  J'adore travailler avec la machine à coudre.  Alors, restons dans le plaisir.

Here they are!
Les voilà!


Et maintenant, on finit les bordures!
Un point à la fois...

À la prochaine!

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  1. Congratulations on such a big accomplishment - and gorgeous finish!
    If sewing by machine will make you happier - then it is the right choice.
    Quilt what you enjoy and the finish will be amazing.

  2. Your quilt blocks are so lovely. I am a hand quilter and it certainly takes a longer time to finish a quilt than getting it done by machine. But, there's nothing that takes the place of the look of light and shadow on a hand quilted item. I try and quilt 6 days a week for 2 hrs. each day. I start early because no one interrupts me early in the day. I can usually get a small quilt done in 6 weeks and a larger one sometimes takes four months. It's my pondering and therapy time.

  3. Very beautiful flowers! Hand quilting is very intimidating for me, but I love the look of it. But machine quilting is just as pretty, so I say go with what makes you happy. You'll be glad you did! Thanks for linking to MCM!

  4. Congratulations on your finish. Your blocks are beautiful.


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