lundi 30 juin 2014

Back to my 2014 goals... De retour à mes objectifs 2014...

Lentement, je reviens à ma routine.  Aujourd'hui, c'est une mise à jour pour ma Baby Jane.  4 autres blocs ont été assemblés en piéçage sur papier.  Il m'en reste officiellement 24 à coudre pour terminer la couture des petits blocs.  Après, on réfléchira à l'assemblage de la courtepointe elle-même, mais terminer cette courtepointe est prévu comme un des objectifs 2015. 

I'm back in my sewing room working on my 2014 goals.  4 little Dear Jane blocks were sewn this week.  Still 24 to sew and I will have all I need to put together my top quilt.  But it will be one of my 2015 goals then, for now, I concentrate myself to sew them.

Here they are!  Les voici donc!


Tous les blocs restants à coudre seront en piéçage sur papier.  Ce sera donc rapide d'exécution.
All my remaining blocks are paper piecing.  It will be fast to sew them.

À la prochaine!

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  1. Lovely blocks Celine - I have not made any this year although I have some cut and ready to sew. I will get there one day, in the meantime there are so many other delightful distractions out there! xx

  2. I saw your link on Freemotion by the river. I am the next link. I am doing Jane Stickle blocks too. They are wonderful!! Love your colors too.

  3. Love your Jane blocks! So pretty. Congrats on coming so far on your quilt.

  4. very pretty blocks! good luck with getting it all finished up!

  5. Great looking blocks. I really like the colours you have chosen.

  6. Lovely. They look like such small pieces!

  7. I love the soft colors. They are pretty blocks.

  8. So tiny and so well done! Such pretty colours. Beautiful!


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