lundi 7 avril 2014

Le rêve se poursuit...Still dreaming...

Absorbée par l'histoire d'Alice, je poursuis la couture de ces beaux blocs. Il y a beaucoup beaucoup de folie, que j'assume et aime.  Connaissez-vous la Chenille bleue ou le Papillon-pain beurré?  Il y aura d'autres extravagances les prochaines semaines.  Cliquez sur le nom du personnage pour obtenir la page des patrons.

Absorbed in the story of Alice, I continue sewing these beautiful blocks. There are lots and lots of madness in them, I assume and love. Do you know the Caterpillar or the Bread and butterfly? There will be more madness the coming weeks.  Click on the character's name for pattern.

Chenille bleue

King of Hearts, Roi de Coeur


Dragon Fly Rocking Horse
Libellule Cheval berçant

 Bread and butterfly
Papillon pain beurré

 À la prochaine!

15 commentaires:

  1. I have never seen paper piecing this well done! Great job! Really wonderful blocks!

  2. Such beautiful and amazing details you've sewn into these blocks!
    They are all works of ART!

  3. I just love your paper piecing! You're a star at it! These are fantastic!

  4. These are amazing!!!!! Lovely work!

  5. these are just too fun-what great blocks for kids
    I am visiting from lets bee social

  6. love these fun blocks! Alice in Wonderland was the first novel I ever read and therefore holds a special place in my heart!

  7. These are amazing! Now I want to go back and watch the movie again. :)

  8. Great work. I just wish I could get into this type of quitling! Found you on Needle And Thread Thursday LInky!

  9. Le Papillon-pain beurré est un de mes personnages preférés, et tu l'as, et ses accolytes, piècé à perfection!

  10. Such whimsical blocks and each sew well done! Love it!

  11. Your work is amazing! So very perfect! Thank you so much for linking up with SEWjo Saturday!


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