dimanche 4 mars 2018

Lion King...Roi lion...

Between applique by hand sessions, I decided to finally finish the Lion King quilt..  I made the sandwich with the batting and the backing many weeks ago and it was waiting patiently for its  turn and my goodwill. This year will be a year  for finish several projects, at least I am moving in this direction. 4 of those projects are quilts ready to be quilted. Why not finish them at last?

 Entre 2 séances d'appliqués à la main, j'ai décidé de terminer enfin la courtepointe du Roi Lion.  Elle est déjà montée en sandwich depuis un certain temps et attendait son tour, patiemment, et mon bon vouloir.  Cette année en sera une de fins de plusieurs projets, du moins je m'enligne dans cette direction.  4 de ces projets sont des courtepointes prêtes à être piquées.  Pourquoi pas les terminer enfin?

It's always a relief  and a joy when I finish a project.

C'est toujours un soulagement lorsque je termine un projet.
Il n'y a pas encore de destinataire pour cette courtepointe mais un jour, je trouverai.

À la prochaine!

5 commentaires:

  1. I am in the finishing mode too. I look forward to seeing all your finished projects.

  2. This is a spectacular quilt... enjoy the finishing!

  3. Dear Celine, Funny how we work so hard to make the quilt top, then when we have to quilt it, we take a long time. You inspire me to carry on and finish a few I have which needs to be quilted. Your applique is beautiful.

  4. You are not along - the quilting part keeps a lot of people from finishing a quilt. It takes a lot of effort to not only figure out how to quilt it, but to wrestle it through a machine. Good for you for taking on the finishing challenge!

  5. What a fun project, too! Yay for UFOs getting finished. :D


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